Profit Boosting SAM4s Liquor Store App from CRS

November 08, 2012

Profit Boosting SAM4s Liquor Store App from CRS 


St. Paul, MN – CRS released a liquor store demonstration program for the new SAM4s SPS-300 ECR series. The program includes a database of over 4000 PLU records that covers many commonly sold beer and liquor items, simplifying demonstration and installation.


ECR resellers throughout the USA have traditionally supported small liquor stores and convenience stores where liquor is sold. Many of these small merchants do not have the resources to invest in full-scale PC driven POS systems and are served nicely by ECRs with integrated payment and scanning capability. “We support our resellers with kits and applications that target ECR sweet-spots such as liquor, tobacco, convenience, concessions and quick service” said CRS Director of Sales Craig Fuss. “With features such as SD card program load/save and flat keyboard keysheets, SAM4s ECRs are easier to deploy profitably than any competitive ECR brand.” 


As an added benefit, dealers offering SAM4s ECRs with integrated payment realize exceptional ongoing revenue in liquor installations. 


A sophisticated ECR platform for single and multi-lane retail merchants, the SPS-300 includes standard inter-register networking, up to four serial ports to support integrated payments or other POS peripherals, and on-screen programming for easy deployment and support