Tri-Tech and CRS Now Offering PCPoll Through Funding 2.0

July 22, 2016

Tri-Technical Systems’ PC>Poll Now Part of CRS Funding 2.0™


Dubuque, Iowa - Tri-Technical Systems (Tri-Tech) has teamed up with Cash Register Sales (CRS) to offer resellers V7 PC>Poll through the CRS Funding 2.0 program. Funding 2.0 is an all-encompassing financing and ongoing payment collection solution that enables POS VARs to engage their markets more competitively. Through easy-to-use tools and templates resellers can bundle hardware, software, and services to market their preferred solution for one very competitive monthly payment. The Tri-Tech software modules that are available through Funding 2.0 are: V7 PC>Poll, Archive Agent, QB Interface, and the XLS Wizard. “It is exciting to be able to offer our resellers a new method through which they can offer TriTech products to their customers. With Funding 2.0, resellers can add PC>Poll onto the register sale for less than $20/month, in most cases. This is an extremely affordable option that allows customers to enhance the functionality of the cash register with PC-based features and reporting,” stated Amber Earles, Project Manager at Tri-Tech. “We are excited to have long-time CRS partner Tri-Tech enrolled as a Funding 2.0 partner. CRS dealers now have the opportunity to include quality ECR polling solutions in the recurring revenue margin stack,” shared CRS VP of Marketing, Bruce Mann. “Progressive dealers are utilizing Funding 2.0 as a tool to improve margins, customer retention, and business value.”


V7 PC>Poll is a programming and report polling software that connects to electronic cash registers (ECRs). Register program data can be brought back to the PC and PC>Poll can be used to remotely make additions and changes quickly and easily. Those changes can then be sent automatically to one or more stores via RS232 and TCP/IP connections. Report data can be collected, viewed, printed and even exported to other software modules. V7 PC>Poll connects to multiple ECR models all within one software package. Supported CRS registers include: SAM4s Models ER-285M, SPS-320/340/345, ER-390M, SPS-520/530, ER- 650/650R/655-II, ER-920/925/940/945, SPS-1000, ER-5200M/5240M/5215M, SPS-2000, and the SER-7000/7040.


Funding of the PC>Poll software is available to all Tri-Tech/CRS resellers. To find out more about Tri-Tech’s software or to become a reseller: To find out more about the CRS Funding 2.0 program: Or, simply visit with both of these companies at RSPA RetailNOW July 31, 2016 – August 3, 2016 in Grapevine, TX. CRS is in booth #129 and Tri-Tech is in booth #400. To find out more about the show visit the RSPA website:


About CRS
CRS, Inc. is the Americas’ leading independently owned importing wholesale distributor of ECRs, Touch Screen Terminals, Transaction Printers and related devices. For additional information about CRS visit or call 800.333.4949.


About Tri-Technical Systems
Since its foundation in 1984, Tri-Technical Systems has become an industry leader in providing business solutions to retailers. Thousands of retailers across the United States and Canada are growing their businesses with greater predictability and more profitably with the help of Tri-Tech’s product suite: AIMsi PC-based retail point-of-sale & business software, PC>Poll ECR Polling software and Active-e web hosting & e-commerce solution. For more information on Tri-Technical Systems visit or contact us at or call 800.670.1736.