Sterling Launches EMV-Certified SmartECR

November 02, 2017

Sterling Payment Technologies has launched its SmartECR®, a semi-integrated EMV-enabled device that allows SAM4s cash registers to accept EMV chip cards and digital wallets such as Apple Pay®.  SmartECR also has two value-added options:  Bridge Business Intelligence® software, which provides real-time and historical sales reports, and the ability to change pricing from any internet-connected device; and wireless payments that install in any environment or hard-to-wire location.


In addition to being EMV-enabled, SmartECR’s benefits include:


  • Simple installation with Sterling’s proprietary plug-and-play app 
  • Transaction speeds as fast as 2.75 seconds 
  • Reduced costs associated with chargebacks and fraudulent transactions 

SmartECR Merchant Facing Brochure


SmartECR Incentive Flyer